Top AI Software Development Tools Every Business Should Use

Software engineering entails creating programs that can solve deterministic issues using logic. However, as AI has grown in popularity, software programmers have evolved. The use of AI software tools has changed programmers’ perspectives, thanks to the evolution of AI and machine learning in software development for problem-solving.

Artificial Intelligence has aided in the processing of vast amounts of data. It combines technology that allows a computer to undertake tasks usually reserved for humans. The evolution of AI has permanently altered the software development circuit. AI software development has aided the software development industry in a variety of ways:

What Role Does AI Play In Software Development?

Debugging Automated Software

Through pattern detection, AI software and tools can be employed in automated debugging for in-depth study, identification, and categorization of error kinds. The deep learning technology detects faults quickly and simplifies the debugging process.

Following training, the machine will detect and rectify a large number of errors automatically. It can even compete with software developers, learning how to solve different types of defects. Consider it akin to the text auto-correct tool on your smartphone.

Automate The Generation Of Code

Coding from the ground up takes a long time and requires a lot of effort. Researchers have created systems that can develop code ahead of time to address the challenges of money and time limits. However, these answers aren’t excellent when it comes to uncertainty.

In this scenario, artificial intelligence (AI) software applications were used. An AI-based software could construct a program by creating predetermined modules, much like LEGO parts, once it masters the underlying patterns. It will result in a considerable reduction in workload.

AI software can potentially replace the role of junior software coder in the future. This may be the first step toward a self-programming machine.


Testing has been one of the most critical aspects of the development cycle while creating a high-quality software product. One of the most challenging tasks software engineers has while testing software products is compiling a comprehensive list of use-cases and scenarios that could affect the program’s performance.

AI software applications can accomplish this by scanning through past logs and automatically constructing a list of test cases to run through the system. It can also predict test results without having to run the tests themselves. It simply concentrates on the solution, allowing you to save a significant amount of time.

Formulating A Strategy

Software developers typically devote a significant amount of time choosing which features and functions should be included in a software product. AI software development tools that have been educated on previous software development projects and business considerations can analyze existing software and provide a solution that meets the needs of both clients and software professionals.

User reviews of similar solutions and customer ratings can create a hierarchy of the best aspects for a solution’s success. AI-based software development tools are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Popular Software Development Tools Using AI

Now that you’ve learned about the differences that AI makes in software development, here are some AI-developed software solutions to consider adding to your toolbox:


TensorFlow is a free and open-source numerical computing software. This machine learning library is mainly used for research and production. It makes use of a multi-layered hub that allows you to build up, train quickly, and send fake neural systems with large datasets. It is backed by community support, and as a result, the tool’s functioning is quite good. The only disadvantage is that learning this AI software takes time.

The AI-powered solution can be used on the following platforms:

  • Desktops
  • Clusters
  • Mobiles
  • Edge Devices
  • CPUs, TPUs, and GPUs.


H20.AI is a deep learning platform that is available as an open-source project. It is a business-oriented AI program that assists users in making data-driven decisions and allows them to form conclusions. It is available in two open versions: ordinary H20 and Sparkling Water, a premium version.

H20.AI is a predictive modeling, risk and fraud analysis, insurance analytics, advertising technology, healthcare, and consumer intelligence are all applications of artificial intelligence.


Cortana is a voice-search assistant powered by artificial intelligence to answer questions, create reminders, and more. Its voice recognition capability saves time and works with various operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Xbox, and OS.

It has several features, including:

  • Assisting with a wide range of chores, from turning on the light to placing an order.
  • It accepts voice commands.
  • It use Bing as a search engine.
  • Multiple languages are supported, including French, German, English, Japanese, and many others.


Watson is a question-answering program developed by IBM. It supports the Apache Hadoop framework on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 OS.

After Watson has trained your model, it thoroughly understands the fundamental concepts. IBM Watson is a powerful system that aids in the improvement of corporate processes. The following are some of IBM Watson’s most notable features:

  • Distributed computing is supported.
  • It can work with the tools that are already in place.
  • Provides a programming interface (API) for app creation.

Infosys Nia

One that your team’s business analysts and software engineers can use to build high-performing, scalable machine learning models. It gathers data from the legacy system and organizes it into a self-learning knowledge base. Even if the team lacks data science experience, they could accomplish all of this.

The following are some of Infosys Nia’s most notable features:

  • Data preparation, visualizations, and machine learning approaches are all extensible.
  • Elastic Cloud Deployments with Self-Service Provisioning
  • Your AI solution team can create exact ML models with GUI-based features.
  • For data preparation, deployment, and modeling, use the Integrated Enterprise Framework.
  • Infosys Nia Prediction Server: Streaming Fast Predictions


This brings me to the conclusion of the blog. These are some of the most popular AI software development tools that may be used as a platform for software developers to address real-world challenges and improve the underlying architecture.

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