What Are The Top AI Marketing Tools In 2022?

Nearly every industry, including marketing, is being revolutionized by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Many firms use AI marketing technologies to advertise their brands and products. Whether you’re an individual or a company, they ought to be a part of your business plan because they have the power to advance your marketing campaign.

AI marketing tools are programs or platforms that support the development of automated judgments based on gathered and examined data. It is now much simpler to anticipate customer behavior. Human assistance is typically not necessary.

Everyone knows that data is essential to marketing, and AI advances this concept while saving enormous time and money. AI can process massive amounts of data gleaned from multiple channels, like email, social media, and more. Employees can now be utilized in other vital business areas since organizations no longer need to rely on them for these activities.

The ability for firms to customize their sales and marketing strategy is another significant advantage of AI marketing solutions. Predictive analytics, which gives detailed insights into consumer behavior, can be used for this.

We’ll take a look at a few AI marketing tools on the market: 

Adobe Predictive Analytics Tool

Using a superb machine learning-based solution, you may enhance your marketing efforts by identifying reliable traffic sources. You may better understand your users by segmenting your audience. You can improve the efficacy of advertising campaigns and website activity by analyzing the data the tool produces. You may rapidly receive a report on any tiny sample of data with the premium version, which also removes restrictions.

Google Ads automated bidding

This tool’s advantage is that it can assist in achieving a marketing objective with the least amount of time and effort. It is an AI-based technology that selects the best offer in the present. Based on an analysis of user queries that result in adverts, it accomplishes this. The tool examines audience information, including seasonality, devices, locations, age, and other performance-influencing aspects. Additionally, it looks at investment data, including audience, brand, sales, categories, and prices. Machine learning analyses match queries and optimization, allowing bid modifications, etc.


The SMM manages enormous amounts of data. They can be handled by this tool using AI. The key benefit of Albert is that it is a cross-channel program that functions with Instagram, Bing, and YouTube, in addition to Meta. Through all four platforms, analysis and optimization are made possible. Additionally, consumers get access to site statistics, A/B testing, and the budgeting of social media advertising campaigns.


The Yext service creates and updates your company’s profile on several regional websites, enhancing your visibility on search engines, voice assistants, and maps. This program examines directory listings to update inaccurate information quickly.


Linkhunter is a complete AI marketing solution for maintaining and creating organic links. It removes a lot of tedious automatic labor and simultaneously provides seven types of pre-made campaigns, making it especially helpful for people just beginning their job in SEO.

Surfer SEO

SEO Surfer is one of the practical tools for auditing SEO. It enables you to search for underutilized keywords, find new keywords, and optimize content for necessary inquiries. These actions help the organic page ranking increase. Additionally, this tool examines the top rivals to identify and implement their successful promotion strategies.


You can more easily improve your website based on your marketing needs thanks to the range of SEO tools provided by Ahrefs. With its enormous data index and primary application of checking backlinks, the tool is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand for digital marketing.


Businesses use AI technology to determine which advertising image or special offer appeals to customers the most. Acrolinx can enhance the content and deliver excellent outcomes with precise engagement measurement and business actions. This tool will also develop an engaging message that unifies the team across all campaigns and engages the audience.


Crayon is a platform built on AI and IoT technologies that enables you to produce original content by carefully examining web data. This application analyses data from several websites to determine which subjects your audience will find interesting. Additionally, the program can pinpoint “gaps” in your material that must be plugged in if you want to stay on top of the game based on competition analyses.

Canva Business

If you work in digital marketing, you’ll appreciate the necessity for a good design tool that can assist you in producing eye-catching social media posts and other marketing materials. The foundation of any digital marketing effort is visual material. You must create engaging posts to draw in your target audience. With the help of Canva, a well-known design tool, you can create successful marketing campaigns using visual content that can be shared on blogs, websites, social media, and other platforms.


The development of marketing has been facilitated by marketing automation and AI. And as a result, businesses began utilizing AI marketing tools. Using AI tools, you may offer more intelligent bidding methods, gain better insights into client behavior and how they feel about your items, and boost sales and leads for your company. Visit ONPASSIVE to learn more.

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