7 Top AI-Powered Business Intelligence Tools 

Business intelligence tools help understand the trends and deliver insights so that you can make strategic decisions and identify patterns from massive amounts of data.

The benefits of business intelligence are immense that businesses implement these tools to run the projects and enhance the stakeholders’ value.

Data analysis is an essential element in transforming the data digitally. Artificial Intelligence helps gain valuable insights from extensive data from multiple sources. AI is beneficial for implementing business intelligence.

Let us look into the top 7 AI-powered business intelligence tools to help you accomplish your goals.

Top 7 AI-Powered Business Intelligence Tools

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is the business intelligence platform that helps non-technical users with tools to aggregate, analyze, visualize and share data. The BI’s free version is applicable for small and medium-sized businesses; Power BI Plus is an advanced version with a monthly subscription fee.

Power BI is mainly used by data analysts and business intelligence professionals who develop data models. Those who do not have any analytical background can use power BI and generate reports. The power BI platform offers 1GB data capacity for one user.

Oracle cloud 

Oracle Cloud offers tools and technologies that help organizations to move from on-premise to cloud. It integrates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to enhance productivity. Oracle Fusion HCM analytics, Oracle fusion ERP analytics, and Oracle analytics platform include its various products.

Oracle Cloud provides a good storage network for various applications and services across the global network.


Tableau leads data analytics globally. It is the best platform to analyze, visualize and share data without the IT intervention for solving complex business problems. Tableau supports data sources such as MS Excel, SalesForce, Google Analytics, MS SQL, Oracle, etc. Moreover, users can access easily used dashboards.

CRM and embedded analytics are a few business intelligence tools the platform supports. Also, it uses Artificial Intelligence across various sectors such as energy, retail, health care, etc.

SAP Business Intelligence 

SAP Business Intelligence is a centralized data visualization, reporting, and sharing suite. The platform transforms data into valuable insights anywhere at any time.

The platforms provide a flexible architecture to support growth ranging from few users to multiple users and from a single tool to various tools. Moreover, the architecture promotes on-premise deployment, enhanced user autonomy, real-time business intelligence, and simplified dynamic and personalized information consumption.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho analytics helps you analyze data quickly and generate reports for strategic decision-making. The powerful reports generate within minutes without the support of IT. This business intelligence tool excels for maintaining knowledge also.

The key features of Zoho analytics comprise augmented AI-powered analytics and intelligent data alerts that notify during any anomalies. The platform integrates data from different files, including URL feeds, Microsoft Office, and databases. Reports are generated in the form of maps, graphs, tables, etc.


Nanotechnology is the business intelligence platform to utilize matter to create devices and new materials. Technology finds its place in the major sectors such as developing new products, materials, energy, medication, etc. Also, the technology finds more significant usage in the textile industry, helping fabrics to minimize staining and bacteria growth.

Talking about using Nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry could result in a personalized medicine model. Many compelling applications have resulted from nanotechnology tools.

SAS Analytics Software

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis Software. It was developed in 1960 and used for business intelligence, data analysis, data management, etc. SAS Software for windows, SAS Enterprise Guide (EG), SAS Miner (EM), and SAS STAT Software are the four kinds of SAS software.

SAS supports many utilities that help programmers save time for writing codes. It is a powerful tool for executing SQL queries and automating users’ tasks. SAS also offers descriptive visualization through graphs, and several other versions support machine learning, time series, data mining, and reporting.


The word “business intelligence” itself elaborates on the idea of expertly and intelligently enhancing corporate performance. Due to the complexity of the business, this critical goal is virtually ever accomplished using the manual procedure.

Business intelligence platforms are prone to change based on corporate requirements and rapidly evolving technology. Still, it has been established that they are the most effective way to meet business objectives. This work is made simple and doable with cutting-edge business intelligence reporting technologies.

We sincerely hope our list of the top business intelligence businesses was helpful.

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